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A Different Sort of Panda

Image of A Different Sort of Panda


The coolest thing about Coytown is its Asian population. The community of Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese is so vibrant and strong that even Publix has signs out front written in Vietnamese. You have these amazing restaurants and shops, whole blocks where nothing is either spoken or written in English, and people mingling over coffee and sweet milk.
Pom Pom’s Teahouse, Tasty Wok, Pho 88, Vihn’s. Its not uncommon to hear any of these places in daily conversation.

As many of you know, my knits are a reflection of things around me, portraits in the life of a man who found solace in a set of bamboo knitting needles and unprocessed yarn. My knits are snapshots and observations of my life. I had to make a bear to commemorate this little section of Orlando we commonly call “Little Saigon.”

Made with Lionbrand Fisherman's wool (creme and nature's brown). Stuffed with polyester fiberfill, complete with embroidered eyes. Measures 12" tall and looks CUTE.

This bear is made to order. Due to the high demand, this bear will not be shipped until January.

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