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"The Phantom Ghores" PDF


The Phantom Ghores are vain, arrogant people who dress themselves in 1930s clothing. They have enormous wealth and power, not to mention manners that exceed the limits of pomposity. Theirs is the most exclusive club in the world, and yet there is only one requirement for joining:

you must be dead.

Revealed here is an expose on their lives and deaths. Learn about Acquisitions and Resurrections, Grave Diggers and Vocalists, Houses and Death Scars. Learn from one of their own about this secret society of the dead where deceit and trickery are artful endeavors and where your only ambition is to belong...

From the squares of Savannah to the discos of Berlin, The Phantom Ghores is more than a fiction novel, it is a metaphor for arrogance, the homogenization of our society, and the willingness to forfeit individuality for the sake of acceptance.
PDF-368 pages
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